Cleaning the tablet screen

Cleaning the tablet screen

Clean the tablet screen is an operation that must perform frequently to remove excess oil and bacteria that reach the device. You have to do the work carefully to avoid excessive moisture can cause damage to your computer is also important to choose the cloth as you must take care not scratch the screen. In we explain in detail how to clean screen tablet.


First of all, remove the tablet from the stream if you have it plugged in to charge and then turn it off. It is recommended to perform the cleaning operation with low battery.

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You must use a lint-free cloth, so the microfiber are the most recommended. If you wear glasses, a good alternative is to use cloth you have to clean the windows.

It is best to use special liquid for cleaning screens of computers. You can buy it in any shop.

If you cannot use tap water if you live in a limestone area. In the latter case, it is preferable you employ bottled water.

Slightly wet cloth part and move without trace too on the surface of the screen in a circular motion until you’ve gone through the entire tablet. Yes, you have to avoid any liquid or moisture through the slots.

Then the part of you have not dampened cloth, remove any fluid that may remain on the tablet screen. Then you can now turn it on and reuse.

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What to do if it freezes my tablet

You need
Microfiber cloth, water, liquid screens of computers.

Always avoid excess fat clean your clothes or rough cloth as you can scratch the screen.
Nor should you use glass cleaner, alcohol or abrasives.

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