Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel

Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel

How many times have you thought that your connection Wi-Fi was slow? Your wifi signal may vary but the real reason that slows down is because you are not using a frequency channel adequate. With you can become an expert / a in choosing the best channel Wi-Fi on your computer to enjoy Internet quickly and without interruption.


Sure you’ve researched many times on how to improve the Wi-Fi signal. First, you have to know that the infallible to choose a trick channel Wi-Fi is detect which are saturated networks.

There are many applications and programs that measure the spectrum of the channel and the best are designed just for phones, tablets and smartphones. You know what is the reason? It’s simple, are portable machines and allow us to place the device near the router to capture the best signal.

A very simple and fast to install application is Wi-Fi Analyzer (‘ll find the Play Store for free). When you have finished installing it, open it and you will see all the networks that are close to your location.

Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel

Swipe from right to left and browse through the different screens of the application. Among them you will find a signal controller (which measures the strength of each Wi-Fi signal and a list of all networks and its main features.

Finally, you will find a screen that indicates the types of channels available to your network. Each is rated stars to find out about the best choice, the channels Wi-Fi that most stars have the least saturated networks and are therefore those who must choose.

Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel

Make the comparison between your channel (say it 4) and the other channels. Now that you know how to choose the best channel Wi-Fi Choose your best choice!
Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel

Finally, go into your router and change the channel configuration. Each router model has certain features so we recommend you call your company ADSL and change the old canal by the new you have chosen.

Now it enjoy the speed Internet uninterrupted Have you already implemented these steps? Tell us how did it go and surf!

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