Choosing a tablet

Choosing a tablet

Are you thinking about buying a tablet, either to give to someone or to make yourself a gift? Sure to have a look at the tablets on the market you’ve taken a big surprise: there are so many different not know where to start and how to not go wrong when buying a tablet. How to choose the most appropriate? In tell you how to choose a tablet.
Choosing a tablet

What are you going to use?

First of all, think about the main use you would have to give the device. Are you going to use it mainly to play? For watching videos? Simply to surf the Internet and check the mail? Or will become a new essential tool? Depending on the use you’re going to give, you’ll want to invest more in one aspect or another of the tablet. Always keep this in mind when comparing and choosing tablet.

Choosing a tablet

Compare apps and operating systems

What applications do you expect to use more? Make a list of your essentials and then checks if they are available in different operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone ). When missing, take a look also to the alternative applications that there is and if you would be worth. Who wins? Choose OS.

Compare specifications

Knowing and choosing which platform you prefer and easier, especially if you’ve decided you want a device with iOS. Select the main tablet with this operating system and seen by comparing the different technical characteristics, considering that use that you’ll give. If you go to a lot of image editing Worth a screen with good resolution for very heavy games and fast graphics, good RAM and processing power ; to work a good suite of apps for work and safety ; to just browse and check email, a good processor that makes everything faster.

Compare sizes and designs

You’ve selected the tablets that best suit you for its technical features in the operating system you prefer. Now compare their sizes and designs : if you’re going to have the tablet always home, big is better to look good websites and videos. If you’re always take it with you, surely July 1 inch is more manageable. What is also prettier? That design you like is important!

How much you want to spend?

And last but sure I always had in mind to be doing the selection, how much you want to spend? Compare prices and features and grab the tablet that best suits your needs and possibilities.

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