Charging Equipment on the Go and Out in the Field

Losing a day of work because of dead equipment can be devastating to your company’s bottom line. Even a single day wasted can rob your business of money it needs to survive. It also puts a ding in your business’ reputation with its clients.

When you want to be able to keep going without having to recharge equipment or shopping around for new batteries and cables, you may be convinced to invest in gear like a Start Pac and other mobile charging devices. With specifications like its 24 volt power supply and ability to be transported easily by its handle, this kind of equipment may give you the peace of mind you need to take on any job regardless of its location.

Ease of Transport

You may not have much issue at all with investing in charging equipment as long as you know it is transportable. When you must keep the gear in a shop or at your business’ headquarters, this equipment might be of little use to you when your job takes you out into remote locations or into the elements.

However, when you know you can tow it by pulling its handle, you may find that this investment is ideal for your purposes. The charger comes with a handle that is durable and the right length for carrying or pulling. It also has wheels so that you do not have to drag it behind you on the ground and risk upsetting its contents.

It design looks a bit like a wagon that you may have had as a child. It is bright yellow in color and has the company’s logo on it. It contains all of the charging gear you need to hook up to your engines and other equipment.


Before you buy the charger, you may want to know more about its specifications. The power pack comes with a 24-volt DC and 25.5 volts at rest. It can last for as long as 10 hours without having to be recharged.

It also recharges in a matter of minutes, letting you connect your engine and power it back up quickly. You do not have to let the engine charge up overnight before you can use it again.

Keeping on task is important to your bottom line. You can remain profitable by powering up engines and other gear with portable chargers.