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3 Tips for Choosing an Online Course or Degree

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Online courses and distance learning programs from universities such as the University of Arizona are making it possible for a lot of people to pursue a higher degree. There are courses that allow you to get anything from a bachelor’s degree to a master of public health degree, depending on your interests and other factors. […]

Why Virtual Reality Will Soon Become Reality

It Is Okay, Depend On Technology To Create Work Simpler

“Virtual Reality Demonstrations” (CC BY 2.0) by  UTKnightCenter  The buzz surrounding virtual reality games is starting to gather more steam as we head further into 2016 and closer to the release of headsets from the likes of Oculus Rift, HTC and Sony. Although the technology has taken longer to evolve than many expected, the way we experience games […]

Adaptivity Pro Explains the Importance of Modern Web Designs

Many companies cling to the past, not understanding the importance of embracing a modern web design. Modern designs are fresh, capture new audiences, showing that companies are willing to embrace new technologies, and are ready to advance into the future. A Company’s Website is Out of Date There is a common saying that one human […]

A Brief History of Cisco – A Global Leader in Networking Solutions

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When you think of a company that has a net worth of $139 billion (that’s with a B!) and over 74,000 employees, you know you are looking at a huge multi-national corporation. However, when you think about the fact that Cisco is the leader in LAN switching and WAN routing technology, it makes you wonder […]