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10 Ways to Avoid Adware and Remove It from Your Computer

Tips to Remove Adware Virus

The world of Adware (Identified as an Advertising-Supported Software) is growing with each passing day. It is highly annoying, frustrating and time-consuming! At times, it is commonly witnessed when you enter a random website, it starts hampering your PC screen with a huge number of intriguing advertisement along with glowing endorsements. Adware programs can pose […]

An Overview Of Magento Design Features


A well designed website is the foundation of a successful ecommerce business. This is because it acts as a platform while interacting with customers, selling goods and earning profits. If you are looking for a productive and efficient way of catering your customers, then Magento design is the answer. The popularity of Magento ecommerce development […]

Check with this tool if Oculus Rift is compatible with your PC

Oculus Rift tool for Windows compatibility tell you in a couple of clicks if your PC is compatible with the future. The commercial version of Oculus Rift and can be booked, and this week behind the controversy came around the price of the device, which will be the buyer who must judge in any case […]

Adding Music to Home Videos of Your Children

If you’re a parent then you undoubtedly love to take tons of videos of your children as they grow up. Whether it is a video of their first steps, or the first time they crawled, or even them just playing a game with you – chances are you have taken videos of some amazingly cute […]

Remix OS now available: gives a second life to your old PC thanks to Android

Remix is an operating system based on Android to give a second life to your PC. Alternatives to reuse your old PC and I have proposed a number, from setting up your own server to create a digital entertainment center. With the rise of mobile operating systems, today we have more (and better) ways to […]

Salesforce Data Loader: All You Need to Know

sales force

Over the years any IT professional will observe considerable difficulty when trying to transfer data to and from the cloud onto your servers. To make this momentous task a little easier, Salesforce has introduced the Data Loader- a client application designed specifically to make mass import/export of data a more convenient process. It is available […]

Obsolete Tech: Tips for Extracting Media Files From Your Old Phone or Mobile Device

You have an old Android phone, and you’re upgrading to a shiny new iPhone 5s. What do you do with all of your old data? It’s not exactly compatible with Apple’s tech. Here’s what you do: If You Have Facebook, Twitter, and Google Don’t worry about your social media accounts. For the most part, your […]

Activate the Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

The so-called “reading modes” in browsers represent an interesting agreement between readers and content developers. Some companies incorporated this feature much earlier than the rest, but now it’s time for Google Chrome, having been first mentioned in late February. All that is needed is a simple modification to the command of execution in a shortcut. When read, we all want a good experience. The dynamics […]

Do You Have To Add Music To Your Video?

music editing

A video seems kind of dull and lifeless sans audio support and hence it’s pretty natural that you would love to have background scores for your favorite video. Now, how to do that? Well, you have the video maker software systems today that allow you to insert audio files and mix them with a video. […]

Gimp: The best developers

Gimp developers

In this article we will discuss the best developers Gimp, one application of digital imaging, with which you can compose Vector images or bitmap. Talk about its history, characteristics and course of their license and inclusion in the GNU project. One of the most important point’s l a platform is that it is universal and […]