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3 Possible Benefit that Shoutouts can add up to your Social Media Marketing


The world today is getting smaller and smaller, thanks to the dawn of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One site that makes sharing photos a lot of fun and exciting is Instagram. Do you know that using Instagram can help your business? Yes, having an influx of followers and likes can make […]

How to upload photos to Pinterest

Pinterest is the revolution in social networking has reached the fourth place in the social media ranking. The magic of Pinterest is that everything is shared visually and has become the passion of designers, stylists, decorators and lovers of good taste. In unComo know that learning how to upload photos to Pinterest is essential for […]

Celebrities in Instagram lose millions of followers


If you enter Instagram frequently, probably more than once you’ve crossed the account of a celebrity who has millions of followers, and inevitably you wonder how they manage to get such quantities. Well, in some cases these followers are real people who really are interested follow the celebrity in question, but in other cases, we […]

Instagram is worth 49 times more than they initially paid Facebook


Many were surprised when Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy Instagram for $ 1,000 million back in April of 2012. Today, Instagram has a value close to $ 35,000 million as Citigroup. That’s about 49 times what Facebook initially paid, $ 715 million, after the decline in the share price. Instagram, in case anyone does not […]