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3 Key Ways Social Media Is Impacting the Financial Services Sector

social media

Anyone who has ever taken a class online, or even completed their online finance degree, knows the benefit of social media when building a following. When you are in any business whatsoever, the key to growing your customer base is to connect with them in some way, shape or form. Consumers want to have a […]

The Top 3 Social Media Sites Australian Companies Use To Gain More Clients

Top 3 Social Media Sites

A large number of Australian businesses today have been taking advantage of the Internet as a venue to meet their goals of attracting potential clients and promoting their respective brands. As it is with other businesses of any size or nature of their ventures, the efforts of their respective digital marketing agency involve such strategies as search […]

How To Improve Your Business With Video Testimonials And YouTube

Business With Video Testimonials And YouTube

Every day we get hit right in the face with advertisements, promotional materials, flyers, posters, subconscious message and all kinds of marketing that are definitely great for business. However, in order to maximize the profit and create a great image for your company you need to take advantage of everything. Not all of the marketing […]

Increase Brand Awareness Through Effective Use of Twitter Video


When it comes to marketing in the modern age, the best companies uses a number of methods to ensure their brand receives maximum exposure. While such methods certainly include things like social media and blog posts, promotional videos have become more and more popular for those businesses seeking a dynamic platform to represent their brand. […]

How To Use Twitter For Business

I have received many questions about how to use Twitter as a business tool, although many companies have taken the step to create his Twitter account, not really understand how to use it to sell or promote your brand, and know how to exploit the full potential this tool offers, so eventually abandon it. Here […]

Social media options

social media option

With so many social media options available – and seemingly more arriving each year – it’s easy to think you have to be on all of them or you’re missing out. Fortunately, it’s not quite as overwhelming as that. The role of social media The important thing to remember is that social media is a […]

How to Take Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now such a big deal that anybody who is anybody in just about every conceivable sector is doing it. Of course, this means that to stay ahead of the curve and keep on reaping the benefits of using social media in a smarter way than your competitors, you need to constantly […]

Why social media is important for your online business


Are you wondering how social media can possibly contribute to the growth of your business? Here is a look at what you need to know. It offers improved understanding of your audience The success of any business is heavily reliant on the proper understanding of its customers. And social media has made understanding customers easier […]

3 Possible Benefit that Shoutouts can add up to your Social Media Marketing


The world today is getting smaller and smaller, thanks to the dawn of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One site that makes sharing photos a lot of fun and exciting is Instagram. Do you know that using Instagram can help your business? Yes, having an influx of followers and likes can make […]

How to upload photos to Pinterest

Pinterest is the revolution in social networking has reached the fourth place in the social media ranking. The magic of Pinterest is that everything is shared visually and has become the passion of designers, stylists, decorators and lovers of good taste. In unComo know that learning how to upload photos to Pinterest is essential for […]