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The best applications for editing videos on iPhone

The funniest second thing after record videos with mobile is editing and sharing with friends through social networks. For it is good to use the best applications to edit videos on iPhone that stand for allowing change our recordings comfortably and deep. With these apps that I will recommend to you can have unforgettable videos […]

How it works YouTube Music Key

Even a video platform in principle, the fact is that we all have used YouTube on occasion just to listen to music. In fact, it is the most widely used platform for listening music streaming worldwide, which in the company are very clear, but so far never had decided to exploit it. But YouTube have […]

The Nexus 4 does not incorporate all the new Android 5.0

Android 5.0 for Nexus 4 was released last month, and while that’s good news for users, have been some who have encountered various problems after upgrading their devices. The problem is not only that the update has caused problems in the Nexus 4, but also this device is not receiving all the features of the […]

What submit Sony at CES 2015?


Sony has been on the lips of many these days, but not for any particular release, but the problems it has had. The Sony Pictures hack and subsequent threats around the premiere of the film The Interview have led the company to become trend in social networks lately. Sony is one of the companies we […]