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Beautiful Cases For Mobile Phones At A Very Reasonable Range: Microsoft, Rock Cases

Mobile Phones

We all know that our phones are likely to get damaged and ruined in case if we do not take care of our mobile phones. Many consumers have the same complaint of damaged phones due to lack of care. Markets are coming these days with new introduction of unique and stylish designed mobile phone cases which protect […]

Common Mobile Phone Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Common Mobile Phone Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Cellular telephone extortion includes an assortment of tricks that either convince you to purchase telephone related items/benefits that end up being substandard or non-existent; or to make telephone calls or messages to premium administrations coincidentally; or to accidentally join to costly membership administrations. As far as the “cloning” is concerned, According to Swift Contract Phones from 2009 […]

LG Nuclun 2 processor would enhance the successor of LG V10

According to rumors from Asia, LG would use the second generation of their own processor to boost Nuclun a successor to LG V10. The rumor says the Nuclun 2 is slightly more powerful than the Kirin 950 of Huawei, but LG decided it is not powerful enough to boost the LG G5, which will be […]

Microsoft Lumia 650 depicted in renderings with metallic frame

The Microsoft Lumia 650 will be officially announced at MWC 2016 conference next February as a mid-range smartphone oriented corporate use, according to a new report. WindowsCentral ensures that the Lumia 650 – known internally as Saana and believed ever canceled – would have a 5-inch 720p screen, new quad-core Snapdragon 212 – quad-core 1.3GHz […]

Claro Argentina opened the game on selling their smartphones unlocked

Clear soon start selling cell phones unlocked version of its catalog, so that they can be used with SIM of any company. Following the model implemented in many Latin American countries to abandon – sometimes partially, sometimes in full – subsidies, Claro Argentina unlocked start selling equipment, and ensures that products already sold may be […]

The Latest Apple Rumors


Everyone is always on the lookout for the latest Apple news and rumors. After all, the company never fails to disappoint with its innovative products and advanced technology, as it’s constantly changing the game and the tech industry. From smartphones and tablets, to desktops and laptops, and now the Apple Watch, there’s always something to […]

Which one is Better? An IPhone, HTC, Samsung or Nokia

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Ever since the competition has gotten tough, it is more difficult for the ordinary people to choose between different mobile phones or smartphones. One ad claims one mobile to be better than another and hence a thread spirals out of such conversations. Some people are accustomed to IPhone this much that they cannot think of […]

How to Keep Up with the Rapid Changes in the Smartphone Industry?

Mobile Changes

Year after year and even month after month we are seeing innovation and features enhancements in the Smartphones. We all are eager to see new and sophisticated mobile phones at our disposal. That is why the companies are never going to stop releasing new and updated models of the mobile phones. Look at to the […]

Are smartphones are reprogram our brains?


Each new load with additional usage parameters that sooner or later end up assimilating, to a point tool such that the tool becomes our extension. Probably nothing fits that description better than smartphones today. A group of scientists stationed at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich have discovered that prolonged use of touchscreens alters […]

View maps from around the world using GPS mobile

Maps view

OsmAnd is an application that lets you access maps of all continents and display all navigation data and points of interest, without being connected to the Internet. This service offline for mobile devices, using OpenStreetMap map data (maps are created using geographic information captured with mobile GPS devices, orthophotos and other free sources) and thus […]