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What is refurbished

You’ve seen a million times in writing, but do not know yet what it means refurbished, right? You’ve probably come across this expression when buying a product, especially electronic, and you end up not understanding what it is. It’s very easy! It is refurbished products and now sell much cheaper. If you want to know […]

Radinn: An electric table to wakeboarding on your own


A watercraft with its pilot a wakeboard table and someone bold enough to ride her and being dragged over the water at full speed are key elements in the traditional practice of wakeboarding. However, the Swedes Alexander Lind and Philip Werner believe it is possible to eliminate the first half of the equation with its […]

More than 1 million people are testing Windows 10


October was the month when Microsoft launched what is known as the program Windows 10 Insider . It is oriented to PC experts and computer program who have had access to a preliminary version of the next operating system giant’s software. The company has announced that today there are 1 million and a half users […]