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Charging Equipment on the Go and Out in the Field


Losing a day of work because of dead equipment can be devastating to your company’s bottom line. Even a single day wasted can rob your business of money it needs to survive. It also puts a ding in your business’ reputation with its clients. When you want to be able to keep going without having […]

How Can You Be Sure That You Buy Genuine HP Toner Cartridges Online?


This is one question that you need to ask yourself whenever you want to buy HP toner cartridges from the internet. Obviously, it is necessary when looking for genuine cartridges. If you want to buy remanufactured or compatible HP toner cartridges, you will need to consider other factors of importance. Buying your HP toner cartridges […]

Develop screens that do not need battery

A company from Oxford University developed a screen that requires no power and is visible in sunlight, using the technology of rewritable DVDs. In today’s world, one of the main parts of a cell that wears out the battery is the screen and so many advise to place a short time before the screen remains […]

Flying from New York to London in Three Hours Will Soon Be a Reality

supersonic jet

Airplanes symbolize mankind’s ability to use technology to master their environment. Prior to the early 20th century, the idea of being able to fly from one place to another was a dream. However, the Wright brothers took that dream and turned it into a reality. For more than a century, air travel has been something […]

How Don Burns took telecoms from long-distance calls to VoIP

long-distance calls to VoIP

VocalTec, now owned by magicJack, became a major player in the world of telecommunications after it created the CAT, an early device for giving audio capabilities to personal computers, in 1993. It says something about the rapid pace of growth in the telecoms industry that a peripheral was required for audio as recently as the […]

How to Get the Most Out Of Your ATV

There is a stereotype that often surrounds individuals who like to use four wheelers to drive off road. Some view them as pedal to the metal crazy drivers who are out there to just get a thrill. But the truth of the matter is that the majority of people who engage in this recreational activity […]

How Technology Is Improving Business Communications

It is no longer news that the internet has taken over communications in every aspect of our daily lives from the way we meet up with friends and family to the ways in which we engage with business associates and clientele. However, did you ever stop to think just how much of an impact this […]

Make Money Opening Your Own Bakery

blending machine

Do you love baking so much that you sometimes imagine yourself quitting your current job and opening your own bakery? With so many television cooking and competition shows like Cupcake Wars on the air today, there is no time like now to turn your passion for baking into a full time job. Whether you decide […]

MIT cell monitors heart rate while in the pocket

The cell achieves MIT BioPhone monitor your heart rate and breathing patterns while you have it in your pocket or in a suitcase. Do you want to monitor your heart rate when you exercise or anytime? Today you can achieve this by purchasing a heart rate strap to the chest or a smart bracelet with […]

Ways your Company can Boost Productivity with BYOD Policy

The power and accessibility of mobile computing offers tremendous advantages in the work world today for forward-thinking companies willing to take certain risks and benefit from ‘bring your own device’ policy. With employees already in possession of powerful computers, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices at their disposal, why not take advantage of this fact and […]