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The Best Torrenting Sites 2015

torrenting sites

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran torrenter, if you’re looking for some of the best torrenting sites the internet has to offer, look no further than what has discovered for you when it comes to the world of torrents. Their team has scoured the web looking at nearly every torrent site, and as […]

Who Needs IPv6?

IPv6 is the next generation of internet. It was developed by IETF in 1998 primarily to replace the older version IPv4. IPv4 is the current network layer protocol on which the Internet depends. But IPv4 has a serious issue, which is, that it has only 4.3 billion theoretical addresses, which have to be used by […]

Computers: attention to overheating!

In summer, it’s not just you who may heat stroke! Your computer, too, can be a victim of a serious summer fever. The consequences of overheating are often negative: slow, appearance of the blue screen, altered components … To avoid this problem, learn to detect early signs of overheating and especially how to fix it! […]

Smart Not Sorry: Does Your Company Have a Copyright Compliance Policy?


Your employees forward funny cat pictures to you that they find on the web. You scrape some interesting photo from Google images to use in a presentation. Your last company meeting opened up with a popular song heard on the radio, and you ended up showing a clip from the latest Hollywood blockbuster to motivate […]

Sites like DealExtreme

Are you one of those who spends his days looking for bargains and deals to buy online? Can not help but buy online all those amazing gadgets or items prices? In that case, surely know DealExtreme as reference portal to make these purchases; but sometimes you may not find what you’re looking there or maybe […]

Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel

How many times have you thought that your connection Wi-Fi was slow? Your wifi signal may vary but the real reason that slows down is because you are not using a frequency channel adequate. With you can become an expert / a in choosing the best channel Wi-Fi on your computer to enjoy Internet quickly […]

Sites like LetsBonus

If you like to take advantage of insurance most incredible deals on entertainment, dining, short breaks and culture that are subscribed to websites like LetsBonus they offer amazing discounts in your city. To maximize the deals you propose these sites in unComo we present the pages LetsBonus to help you save on your everyday life […]

How to Uninstall Plus Omiga

Not sure how it happened, but suddenly the home of your browser has changed and shows a new search engine, Omiga Plus. This is an adware program that also hijack your browser and change things you have not decided to change you, shows you adware and can slow down your computer. Have you tried to […]

How to improve my Linkedin profile

Maybe at first you were somewhat skeptical, but at this point no one doubts the importance of Linkedin when to seek and find work and improve your professional network. Sure to know someone who has been offered a new job thanks to his profile on the social network. Toca make yours is something more attractive, […]

How to Uninstall Wizard TV

TV Wizard is one of those programs that you install in error or because you think you really going to help, but soon you realize that you were wrong. The problem? The programs of all adware and malware : When you try to get rid of it by the usual means, you realize that it […]