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5 reasons to spy iPhone of your employees

iphone spying

Are in a state of denial because of some recent scam put forth by one of your employees? Make sure that you monitor their activities for the future. It’s not difficult! Spy iPhone using a smartphone monitoring app, if your company gives away an iPhone to your employee. There are 5 top reasons why you […]

Tizen will be used in the new smart TVs Samsung

At this point many probably already know that Samsung takes a long time working on the OS Tizen, but so far very few devices that use this platform. The first smartphone Tizen, which incidentally has had lots of delays, was to be released early last year, but is now expected in the coming weeks. While […]

Samsung shows the interface of its new smart TVs

Yesterday as I commented that Samsung had announced that all new smart TVs would be running with Tizen and would be presented at the CES 2015 in a few days. Now the company has decided to present some additional details about the software used in their new TVs and several updates that will be arriving […]

WhatsApp now indicates if you’ve read your posts

Unlike some messaging services like LINE or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp until recently was not an application to indicate whether the message was read or not. Which meant tics then? A tic indicated that the message had been received by the service servers, and two showed that the message had reached the destination, but never said […]

Snapchat want to distance themselves from third-party applications

Snapchat is a messaging service quite controversial, partly because of the use they make many people and secondly because of several problems that have occurred. Recently, Snapchat has announced it will begin to distance themselves from third-party applications as it does not consider that these are safe. You may remember that about a month ago […]

LG will present new 4K TVs at CES 2015

In the new edition of the CES that will be kicking off in about a week, again we will see a lot of TVs of all kinds. One of the companies that will be present with their new TVs will obviously be LG . Recently, LG officially announced what will be the models presented at […]

LG prepares an 8K TV

Did you think the best resolution is 4K? Well actually it is not, and there is at least one that is better, 8K. Of course there is still no screen that is commercially available under this resolution, but maybe one hits the market next year. Recently LG has unveiled a massive 98-inch 8K TV during […]

Best Android apps of 2014: Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of our list of the best Android apps released in 2014, and now we bring you the second and final part of it. Remember also recently had shown them what were the best apps for the iPhone launched this year, so if you have a smartphone on the block […]

Best Android apps of 2014: Part 1

And a few days ago we were leaving a list of what were some of the best apps for iPhone released in the course of 2014 and now it is the turn to smartphones Android. Again, Android received a greater number of applications compared to its rivals and store Play Google continues to grow tremendously. […]

Apple announced its list of best apps of 2014

In the absence of a few weeks to finish the year, Apple has released its list of the best applications of 2014. The company has indicated that this time your favorite app has been Elevate. It is an application that helps users improve your memory and concentration. The other candidate for the post was Hyperlapse […]