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How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free


The myriad of apps available for smartphones are what allow them to play such a varied and versatile role in our lives. We all have our own set of apps that we use on a day to day basis, from social media apps to exercise apps, there’s something to augment every part of our lives. […]

3 Apps That Can Monitor Your Alcohol Intake


Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Many people use their technology, including smartphones, for communication, as a calendar, an alarm clock, and for a whole host of other things. New apps are being created every day to help make life easier and safer for people. Now, if you need to control your alcohol intake, there […]

Top Productivity Apps for Busy Nursing Students


It’s hard for many students to be productive. College offers numerous distractions, from a busy social life to making new friends, so it’s not surprising that some people fall behind on their course work. The good news is that technology can be really helpful, with various gadgets and apps on hand to help make us […]

Top Apps for Online Students

Online students who experience great success and achievements with their college degree programs also tend to be students who use their spare time productively and are constantly resourceful. If you are currently studying for a completely online degree program or are studying for some of your degree program online, it makes sense to harness the […]

Reviews For Spy Software For Whatsapp

Spy Software For Whatsapp

When it comes to instant messaging services, Whatsapp is software favored by one and all. As of date Whatsapp is the ruling monopolist application used to communicate with your near and dear ones in the most user friendly way possible. Which also means that since people communicate the most through this software, the messages being […]

The Top Apps for Parents

If you’re a parent, there are plenty of apps that you can use to enhance your parenting skills and keep your kids happy and healthy. Whether you want to spend some much-needed downtime on your smartphone with an entertaining app or you’re looking for something more informative, there really is something for every type of […]

Turning Your Smartphone into a Home Security System


Setting up a security system at home can be expensive. Depending on the type of system, you may need to pay for the actual devices. You may also be required to pay an installation, monitoring and a monthly service fee. If you’re on a tight budget, these fees won’t be anything close to good news. […]

Be Sure To Work With Industry-Leading iOS Development Companies


All Apple mobile devices are powered by iOS — the mobile operating system created, developed, and distributed solely for Apple devices (including top-selling products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). Building and releasing user-friendly (and ultimately successful) mobile apps for iOS devices means hiring dedicated teams of designers and developers — iOS experts […]

Top 5 Free NFL Apps for iPhone and iPad for all Football Fans


The iTunes App Store has many useful apps for football fans. These apps make it easy for you to get live updates on all matches, receive alerts on final scores and even watch videos of football matches. You can also use them to watch player interviews and manage your fantasy football teams. Here is a […]

The rise of mobile applications and daily life

Every great invention has shaped and reflected the needs of the people who’ve used it. This can be said of the sailing ship and the printing press, as well as the industrial loom, the automobile and many, many more. Nowhere is this phenomenon better illustrated than in our present age, where computers, the internet and […]