Calling free from whatsapp

For some months the rumors did not stop: Whatsapp had plans to add to its services the ability to make free calls between users of this application. Many thought that this would not come, but ultimately the most successful instant messaging system has done it and it is possible to call from free Whatsapp . But before you go running to try, you should perform some updates in the application, so from we explain how to call free from Whatsapp .



1. The toll-free service WhatsApp, so users awaited, is not yet available for iPhone . This update times can only be enjoyed by Android users, while those with phones with iOS operating system must wait until the update for this platform is made.

2. The first thing you need to have before you try calling from Whatsapp is the updated version of this application, 2.12.5, it will be that will allow you to have the function of free calls. To make sure you have version go to Settings / Applications / select Whatsapp and look at the top, below the icon, the version that accounts.

3. Once you’re sure you have the latest version, you just need a friend who has activated call you on entering this call, you’ll see how any other call only with the name and photo of the contact, and you should answer it. Once the answer will automatically activate the function of free calls, you can observe when entering Whatsaap a top bar with 3 options: calls, chats and contacts.

4. In the bar “Calls” you will see the incoming and outgoing, just when you have a missed call indicated and Whatsapp will alert you with a notification, as happens when you receive a message.

5. To make calls from Whatsapp free you just have to press the phone icon with a plus sign, there you can access the Android contact list that you can call. If you tried on your list Whatsapp contact with someone who has an iPhone receive a notice that states that the user must upgrade your version of WhatsApp to receive calls.

6. Remember that although you free, WhatsApp calls consume a huge amount of navigation data, so it is appropriate that when these calls make and receive’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, thus will reduce data consumption.