Best Android apps of 2014: Part 2

Best Android apps of 2014 Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of our list of the best Android apps released in 2014, and now we bring you the second and final part of it. Remember also recently had shown them what were the best apps for the iPhone launched this year, so if you have a smartphone on the block would be a good idea to stop by letter. Anyway, on to the second part of the list of the best Android apps:

IFTTT : This is a very useful app and we can save much time. His full name is “If esta, then a That”, “If this happens, do this other”. IFTTT allows us to automate certain settings on your device: if we got a new photo to Instagram can place automatically as wallpaper, every time we take a video can make the same support in Google Drive, if the app time says that tomorrow it will rain we can set up an automatic notification Android, etc. The possibilities are many, and of course what we do depends on what we give to our mobile.

Google Now Launcher : Do you hate the UI which is usually installed in some smartphones by manufacturers? As you understand, so share with you Google Now Launcher. This app is responsible for giving us a real Android interface, similar to that found in the Nexus. Aside from giving a new look to the home screen, the application puts Google Now at our disposal and simply say “Ok Google” to take our voice command.

Best Android apps of 2014

Minuum : the phablets can get a little uncomfortable at the time of writing, but this app arrives to save the day. Minuum reduces the size of the virtual keyboard to one that suited our hands, so we can write comfortably without stretching long fingers.

Timehop : do you remember what you were doing exactly one year ago? For Timehop does remember. The application connects to our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and tells us what we did on a specified date.

Chrome Remote Desktop : although there are all kinds of remote desktop apps in Android, the new version of Chrome Remote Desktop has the advantage of being free, simple to use and unlimited also does not need an additional client if you already use the browser Chrome on our computer. Simply add the Remote Desktop extension in Chrome, set a PIN for access and then you can access your computer from your smartphone when you want. Very useful if you need to send a file or check something on your PC.

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