Best Android apps of 2014: Part 1

Best Android apps of 2014

And a few days ago we were leaving a list of what were some of the best apps for iPhone released in the course of 2014 and now it is the turn to smartphones Android. Again, Android received a greater number of applications compared to its rivals and store Play Google continues to grow tremendously. Then we will leave our first part of a list of apps among which are some of the best of 2014, the second part will see on Saturday:

Mailbox : now owned by Dropbox, Mailbox is undoubtedly one of the best email clients that exist in Android. The application system allows easy navigation between our emails to perform various tasks quickly, reply, forward, delete, mark as read, etc. That’s not all, because Mailbox also learns the more you use the application and can even predict some of the options you marcaras or types of emails you erase.

SecureTeen : you may have already realized that giving teens unsupervised access to Android and the web is not a very good idea. This parental control app uses a host of powerful tools to childproof Android and the internet. Once installed on the target device, it empowers you to filter the web, view texts and MMS, monitor social media activities, track location, and much more. The best part is that it lets you do all this remotely, making parenting a cinch.

Being Battery Saver : the battery life is one of the most popular resources by any user of a smartphone. This app will analyze your phone to check which applications consume more battery power and we make recommendations based on this are.

Best Android apps of 2014 Part 1

Google Calendar : there are all kinds of calendars for Android, but the Google is perhaps the best of them. The new application allows you to mark special dates, connect emails from Gmail with events and can even synchronize with other calendars as Exchange.

Afterlight : the famous photo editor iOS made its arrival to Android this year and left many users happy. With its many options and filters allows us to do all sorts of touches to your images directly from your smartphone.

Disney Movies Anywhere : do you like Disney movies and their studies (such as Pixar and Marvel)? Then this app is for you, as it will allow you to watch your favorite movies anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, whenever you have an internet connection of course. The app also provides exclusive content and behind the scenes footage.

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