Analysis of several covers for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Yes … the new iPhone 6 is the best and all you want, but I usually give me pretty scary wear it without any protection, so I dipped in reviews and physically touched some of the covers for iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus and today you can buy to protect our valuable smartphones.

Let’s divide this analysis based on a feature that, after all, is what matters most when sheathing the iPhone is the thickness of the casing. We will do based on the material or the quality or the financial outlay that will suppose ourselves, but to get casing we will be when we put the phone skin. We will as from lowest to highest in terms of ostentation of coverage.

Also we say that we will not be bound by an overly cheap or affordable in oriental shops protection. Let us be consistent. If we have made a financial investment at the time of purchase a high-end device, make an extra effort to protect with a quality that does not mar the end result is almost mandatory. Squire did not put our new Ferrari wheels.

iPhone 6 Bumper

We will first set in the classic Bumper lifetime, which is a very remarkable for those who want to combine a basic protection with minimum impact on the design and vision of the iPhone at its best option. In this case, the Italian brand Pure offers a solid and sturdy bumper that completely surrounds us under the iPhone leaving openings for charger, headphones and mute button. The case includes a screen protector. This solution is ideal for those who require minimal protection, leaving visible the phone for the most part.

Air Skin

We now analyze one of the thinnest cases we can find right now in the market. This is the model of Air Skin, with only 0.4mm thick and 4 grams, will allow us to enjoy all the slimness and weight of the phone while it frees us from possible scratches on the surface aluminic iPhone. Of course, as you fall it’s like not wearing anything. By the way, they are so thin that the camera continues to excel a tad. 5 colors to choose from. You can find More Design Iphone 6s Case Here.

Silicone and leather cases

These cases are the solutions that Apple gives us to protect the iPhone. This year include a new development, a major traditional leather case, Silicone semitransparent in many colors, offering a different grip and different feelings that his partner leather, bringing lightness, grip and elastic point. Note that in both models, unlike previous cases, the bottom is open, leaving the area of the headset, and speaker load completely the air without any division. It seems that the criticism they received the previous cases when connecting with some docks and chargers other brands have taken a toll on new designers.

Transparent Methacrylate

Now comes the time to mention the typical case of transparent methacrylate , of those who have almost all brands. We mention this in particular because it includes a detail that does not include other ultrathin transparent back cover, two anti-dust caps silicone connectors for headphones and charger, which is quite useful to avoid the accumulation of dust in these areas to use a Case. On the other side is a pretty solid case with an external keypad and ample space for mute switch, which many cases quite limited, making it difficult in many cases to access it.