Alarm: the Technology happy with you in your sleep

It is already the end of the summer: the days get shorter and the activities started again. To best address this difficult period, what is more important than quality sleep? Experts agree: sleep well, it is the beginning of wellbeing. New technology solutions to help us: life assistants to new clock radios , everything has been designed so that we can start the day pleasantly.

Life Assistants: valuable aids for quality sleep

For a good night and facilitate its wake, it is best to use a life assistant . New favorite accessory of athletes, these little gems can help you get fit. The sports coaches Fitbit One and Jawbone Up 24 control your sports activities during the day. But they also scrupulously analyze your sleep cycles. This will tell you the ideal hours for sleep and wake up in order to be in top form all day!

Real mom designed to take care of you, the Mother Sense is the Rolls living assistants. Like all mothers, she knows that sleep is essential! Box connected to your home, it analyzes your sleep cycles to give you schedules and optimal sleep awakenings. And that’s not all! Thanks to it, you can program the temperature of the room and the bathroom with the time of day, and provide breakfasts to suit your needs.

The alarm clock: the irreplaceable object of gentle awakenings

We never found a better start to the day that music revival. The range of clock radios is so broad that everyone can find something. To get to the point, the Game Up is recommended. Very easy to use, it has all the arguments to convince lovers of simplicity. The Light Up provides the functionality of a traditional alarm clock, adding a soft display to ensure peaceful nights. It can also project the time on the ceiling, and display the weather to make your planning. Revivals such as Grundig SC930IP allow multiple preset FM stations. But above all, this kind of higher-end devices can connect to smartphones, and lets you listen to your favorite music and your audiobooks to wake up and fall asleep.

Players and FM transmitters: to start his day off right

To reach his workplace in a good mood, listen to his favorite music is ideal. In transportation, video players like the Sony Video Walkman NWZ-E384L is a must. Featuring an 8GB of memory, this player will play all your music files, but also clips of your favorite singers! It also has an FM tuner so you never miss new. Sony also offers the NWZ-W273S . Very handy and lightweight, it is grafted onto an MP3 player headphones! Perfect for those who commute to work on foot or by bike. By car handsfree Parrot Minikit + connects to your smartphone to broadcast your favorite music through the speakers of the car.