Adding options to Facebook

Adding options to Facebook

A convenient way to use social networks, whether you’re an individual or a company is integrating them together. If you have a Facebook profile and an account on Pinterest what are you waiting for associate? If you do not know where to start in unComo we teach you how to add Pinterest to Facebook so that your boards are shared by all your contacts.

The first step is to access your account on Pinterest. Once you’ve entered your username and password in the center of the screen you can see how the symbol of Facebook and Twitter appear. Click on the symbol to Facebook.

Pinterest will lead your personal page on Facebook where you will find information on this network. It will ask you to give permission to install, click OK and start the installation. Once finished, will appear in your biography updates to your Facebook profile options.

Click to go to the application and automatically you can configure privacy and other interesting options for the link between accounts. Also, if you go left bottom can regulate who can view these developments on your profile.

We have already scheduled to receive Facebook updates, now we have to configure these options to send data to the network.

Return to Pinterest and once inside, click on your username. Then, select Edit Profile. A new window on confidentiality and privacy options opens. You’re just one step boards share on Facebook!

The last step on how to add Pinterest to Facebook is that option selections On the alternatives that appear in the window of privacy so that the two accounts are completely linked.

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