Activate the Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

The so-called “reading modes” in browsers represent an interesting agreement between readers and content developers. Some companies incorporated this feature much earlier than the rest, but now it’s time for Google Chrome, having been first mentioned in late February. All that is needed is a simple modification to the command of execution in a shortcut.

When read, we all want a good experience. The dynamics of the Web and design of some sites may impair such experience, which is a real shame, especially when it comes to solid content. When Apple introduced the reading mode in Safari nearly half a decade ago, the most pessimistic minds saw it as the end of the Web funded by advertising. In fact, the opposite happened. The Safari user can allow a site to upload your ad to comply with the corresponding target, and then access the text in a simpler format. If you still have doubts, consider this: Google is working on an experimental reading mode for Google Chrome. What was previously available through extensions, is now official of the browser And anyone can activate.

Although I would pretend that there is some kind of weird science behind the function, the truth is that there is none. To activate the reading mode in Google Chrome just a click using the right mouse button, access the shortcut properties, and add the line –enable-dom-distiller behind the command. With just a restart of the browser, the user will find in the main menu of Chrome an option called “Distill page” , and the effect is instantaneous.

Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

Still, we must make some emphasis on the word “experimental”. The reading mode in Google Chrome also removes multimedia components, and that includes videos from YouTube , which hurts the article content and Google itself in several ways. I imagine it will be a matter of time before reading mode becomes stable function. For Firefox , the first traces of its existence appeared in the nightly version 38, so we have a long wait ahead. As always, do not forget to use the latest Chrome for this.