7 Key Tips To Make A Great First Website

The internet is becoming king when it comes to communication, marketing, entertainment, and making money. If you have always wanted to get involved by creating your own site but were scared of stuffing it up, then don’t worry. We have some key tips that will put you on the right track.

  1. Start Out Small

You’re not going to be able to conquer the online world with your first website. That’s why you should keep your ambitions in check and simply aim to develop a small, professional-looking site. Consider it a learning experience.

  1. Use WordPress

WordPress is a darn simple platform that allows almost anyone to create a good-looking site. It basically does all the hard technical work for you, so don’t think you need to be an IT whizz.

Remember what we said about starting small. Simply pick a free theme and get started. WordPress will also take care of hosting and a domain name.

For more information about WordPress, check out whitesummary.com.

  1. Create Content That Offers Real Value

You don’t want to create a site that looks spammy. In fact, doing so may set you up for total failure. Rather you should develop articles and other content that helps viewers solve problems and gives them useful, actionable advice.

  1. Use Photos And Videos

You don’t want a site that is entirely text-based. Photos and videos are a great way to attract readers’ attention. Make sure you incorporate some in your pages.

  1. Optimize The Site For Mobile Devices

Your website may look great when viewed on a PC, but it may look mashed together on a phone or tablet. Make sure you optimize the site for all devices. If you do decide to use WordPress, it has a handy option that shows how your site will look on each device.

  1. Optimize The Site For Search Engines

You want to pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when developing your site. If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s actually quite simple. SEO is simply the process of getting your site to rank as highly as possible on Google and other search engines. If your site appears on the first page of search results, then there is a much better chance it will be seen than if it appeared on the 10th!

  1. Market Your Site On Social Media

Chances are you have a bunch of social media accounts and so do your friends and family. If you think about the combined amount of people that these accounts can connect with, then it’s probably thousands or tens of thousands. That why you should recruit your friends and family to share your site on social media.

Final Thoughts

You want your first site to be a success and help you develop the skills for even more success in the future. Just remember to keep it simple, as the basics generally work best. Using WordPress to do some of the hard work for you is also a great idea.