3 Tech Companies to Watch in 2018

2017 was yet another fantastic year for the US tech industry. Stocks in tech firms were one of the strongest performing assets of the year, and as U.S News put in their annual report, the most prominent tech picks of 2017 “absolutely crushed the market”.  As the first quarter of 2018 draws to a close, the year is already shaping up for a similarly strong performance. The recent record highs that the stock market has witnessed only further highlight why now is the perfect time to break into the world of investing.

The following tech companies are the ones that are causing the most excitement among experienced investors and industry analysts. If you are looking to make an investment in tech for the first time this year, then consider taking a look at stocks in any of these companies. If you aren’t looking to invest but merely observe, then these are the tech companies who seem most likely to innovate over the next year.


Amazon has continued to dominate the e-commerce space. The retail giant has recently moved from operating exclusively online to opening a range of physical stores. These stores make use of advanced tracking technology to eliminate the need for checkouts or cashiers in stores. Not only this, but Amazon is continuing to expand the diverse range of industries in which it operates. Amazon is now a significant player in markets as diverse as television production to e-books and, of course, the online retail space.

As Amazon’s Alexa devices make their way into more and more homes, it is hard to see Amazon’s marketplace dominance slowing down anytime soon.


Tesla has come out the gate running this year. 2017 saw the company unveil the latest model of its iconic Roadster vehicle, as well as a new design for an electronic semi-truck. Coupled with its increased production capabilities, and the company’s commitment to investing in a new battery and energy-related technologies, Tesla is in a very strong position to build upon last year’s successes and make 2018 an even more impressive year for the company.

Tesla has already demonstrated that it is able to innovate in terms of both bringing new technologies to market, and effectively selling those new technologies to consumers. The company has also proven itself resilient to shock and able to embrace change, as in the case of Klaus Grohmann.


The social media giant has been looking for ways to break into a number of different markets for some time now. While there is some evidence to suggest that younger users are beginning to move away from Facebook, it has seen an increase in the number of older members using the service. The role of Facebook in the modern business ecosystem is much more than just a social media platform. Consumers now expect businesses to maintain a presence on Facebook, giving the company plenty of sustainability.

These three innovative tech companies have already proven themselves to be capable of bringing game-changing innovation to the table. 2018 looks set to be another blockbuster year for all of them.