10 Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Are you passionate about virtual games? Are you searching best gaming laptops? If yes, you don’t need to wander any other place. Here in this post, we will help you in finding best gaming laptops from Lenovo.

Do you ever think what are the qualities and specifications of a gaming laptop? Obviously, laptop should be user-friendly, equipped with big RAM and cool graphic features. Remember, price tag and technical specifications always come first.

You can use your gaming laptop for professional work too. Lenovo gaming laptops are beautifully designed with high-end creative features. Lenovo has won so many International awards for its futuristic designs.

These gaming laptops are perfect in functionality and giving stiff competition to other gaming laptops with its eye catchy designs, features, screen visuality etc.

For instance, Lenovo’s Y series laptops are highly in demand as compared to Asus’s ROG series. Doesn’t matter, what type of user you are, whether you are a student, professional user or a gamer, Lenovo accomplishes all your computing demands.

10 best Lenovo gaming laptops:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 17’:

Lenovo Y-series laptops are solidifying themselves in the gaming market and are continuously rising in contrast to the current downward trends in the notebook market. Y900 17’ laptop is embedded with Intel Core i7 processor combined with 16GB of RAM.

This Lenovo device is more in demand because of its sleek and impressive design. It’s colorful keyboard will surely attract the game lovers. It provides them perfect VR (virtual reality) environment while playing games.

You do not need to worry about dust and scratches on screen, as it looks like having a rubber coating on lids, which protects it from dust. A brushed metal case body makes it pretty cool and catchy. If you are a highly enthusiastic gamer and money is not a big concern for you, then, it is a  good to go device for you.

 Lenovo Ideapad Y700:

Here comes the other Lenovo Y series best gaming laptop with good screen quality and Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor. It has almost same technical specifications like Y900. It is available in two screen sizes (15’ and 17’).

It also has gorgeous design having black keyboard. It can be differentiate from Y900 only in case of price and weight. Y900 is heavier and costlier than Y700 device.

It is particularly designed for gaming purpose. It has an excellent battery life of near about 3 hours. Its speakers give you high sound quality and make you feel that you are in this virtual world.

 Lenovo Y50 Touchscreen Gaming Laptop:

If you do not want to invest more in buying a gaming laptop, then, Lenovo Y50 is a good choice for you. This lightweight laptop comes with a 15-inch display screen. It has Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphic card and Intel HD Graphics 4600. Limited storage capacity of the graphic card is the only limitation of Lenovo Y50.

It costs less, but the buyers must keep in mind that it has less storage capacity of 8GB RAM. Mostly, it could be used by the students.

 Lenovo Y50 59439766 Core i5:

Lenovo Y50 Core i5 is similar to Core i7 model, but it has hyper threading technology (HTT), which enables the system to perform as a multitasker. You can perform another task simultaneously along with the game. It also has 8GB RAM powered by 1600MHz of memory speed.

Do you know the term “clock speed”? Most of the users do not. When you go to buy a laptop you never ask about its clock speed. Let me clear you that the clock speed is the operating speed of your laptop or it processor.

The clock speed of Intel Core i5 processor is more than other i7 models. If you usually play only one game, then Y50 i5 is a good option for you but if you play multiple games, then you should go for core i7 processor laptop.

 Lenovo 59425944 Y50 15.6-Inch Gaming Notebook:

This gaming laptop is specially designed for the students and the users who has budget related issues.. It provides all the eye catching and high quality technical features.

If you look at its technical features, let me tell you that it has 8GB RAM and 15.6-inch screen size. It has 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor embedded system which allows you to perform multiple tasking.

And, if you go by it’s looks,  it is a pretty good looking device with light weight. It has full HD resolution display with high-quality sound and latest graphic technology. These features make it ideal for a gaming laptop.

 Lenovo Legion Y920:

This device of Lenovo is the best attempt of the company in order to satisfy their customers. One ultimate feature of this laptop is its garishly designed RGB-lit keyboard. It is a Core i7-7700HQ device with 16GB of RAM and graphics powered by a GTX 1070 GPU. Its storage capacity can be extended upto 512GB.

This 17 inch laptop is designed by keeping game lovers’ requirements in mind. It gives the overclocking feature to boost its speed. Now, you may be little bit confuse between clock speed and overclocking. Which one to choose?

Clock time is the speed of your processor, whereas overclocking means managing and running your system at high speed than its average speed.

 Lenovo IdeaPad 500:

Are you looking for a long battery backup gaming laptop? Then, Lenovo IdeaPad 500 is simply a perfect choice for you. It gives 4 hours of battery backup and is based on latest Windows 10 operating system.

It has full HD resolution and if you want to take entertainment to another dimension, its 3D camera and high screen resolution will help to you to make it possible.

 Lenovo Yoga 700:

The most attractive feature of Lenovo Yoga 700 is its high performance. Its Intel 6th Gen Core i processor take it to the next level of productivity and performance. And the other one is its ability to change its modes.

It has 4 modes – laptop, tablet, stand and tent. System can automatically change its keyboard setting according to its mode. It has touch screen facility and also have stereo speakers with Dolby and Home Theater certification.

 Lenovo N22 Chromebook:

Lenovo N22 Chromebook is easy to handle and has long battery life. It is useful for the students, who work on a single task at a time.

If you compare its battery life and display brightness with Asus chromebook and CTL chromebook, then you will see that Lenovo N22 is much better than others.

It has 4 GB RAM and LED backlight with HD resolution. Its structure is smartly designed to make it more attractive.

  1.  Lenovo Z70 17.3’:

After Lenovo Y-series laptops, here is the another best gaming laptop of Lenovo Z-series which enables you to play 3d games. It has come up with much bigger screen of 17.3 inch and 1920 x 1080  HD resolution.

Although it is a heavyweight laptop, it has battery life of 4 hours. It has other smart features which makes it first choice for the game lovers.

 Final Words:

In the end, I want to wrap up this post with the words that Lenovo laptops provide you the best services at low rates as compared to others. Lenovo laptops have a smart look and latest features which appeal and attract the buyers’ concern.

We hope that this post will help you to select the gaming laptops according to your requirements.

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